Make an Inventory of your goods

Once you’ve successfully arranged for a moving service and have scheduled a date for your move, the next step is to look over your belongings and decide what you want to take with you and what you don’t. Make a careful inventory of your goods to include furniture, household appliances, home accessories, office equipment, sports equipment and personal belongings to make it easier to keep track of what you own. You can also use this inventory to ensure all your goods arrive safely at your destination.

If you have any furniture, office equipment, appliances, etc. that need upgrading or repairing, have this done before your move. Give the repair service plenty of time to fix your items and return them to you before moving day. By the time your truck arrives, you should have all your belongings together, listed and ready for packing.

Organise Your Move

Good organization is key to a smooth move. Arrange for your movers to arrive with sufficient time for packing, loading and clearing the house of extra boxes and litter from packing.

Any items that are not part of your move should be discarded or given away before your moving team arrives. This provides more space for your packers to work and avoids mistakes in packing the wrong items. Your chosen company will provide the manpower and equipment required for your move. This includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture pads, straps, hand truck, trolley, etc. You can simplify their work by clearing your home of junk or other items unrelated to your move.

There may be certain items in your home that you prefer to pack on your own, such as heirlooms, antiques or personal gifts that have great value. Try to separate these items into one location of the house and designate this place as off limits to moving personnel. This way your team will know exactly what items to focus on when they pack and not waste valuable time. For a reliable moving company in the Sydney area please see

Be sure your movers have clear instructions as to what they are responsible for in the move and what you will handle yourself. Your contract should clearly state what services you have acquired. Most removalists offer a variety of packages to facilitate customer moves. In general, these services include packing, loading, transporting goods to your new location, unloading and unpacking.

Your contract could offer any variation of these services. If necessary, go over your contract with your furniture movers at the onset of your move to ensure everyone is clear on what needs to be done.