1. Can I please have a fixed quote?

We’re all about saving you money so we don’t give fixed quotes. This is because, in our experiences with other companies, fixed quotes are usually more expensive because they try to maximize their profit by quoting the maximum number of hours. Instead, we charge in half-hourly increments (minimum one hour charge). This means that you’ll only pay for the time we’re out on your job and because our movers are super-fast and efficient, you may save more than you would with a fixed quote.

2. Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry $5 million worth of insurance, both public liability and transit insurance. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe with us.

3. Which truck size (tonnage) should I book?

We find the following guide usually helps when deciding which size truck best suits your move:

2 tonne van – studio to 4-5 larger things
4 tonne truck – 1 bedroom to 1.5 bedrooms
5 tonne truck – 2 bedrooms to 2.5 bedrooms
8 tonne truck – 2.5 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms
12 tonne truck – 3 bedrooms to 4.5 bedrooms

6. Why should I book Best Move Removals for my moving job over other companies?

In the past few years, we’ve moved thousands of households and offices throughout Melbourne and in that entire time we have not had a single claim of breakage. We’re professional, experienced and very careful with your belongings. We train our movers to treat your belongings as they would their own. We’re also quick! And the quicker the job is done, the more you’ll save.

7. How far in advance should I book?

We recommend giving us as much notice as possible. Our busiest days of the week are between Thursdays and Saturdays, but even the other days can fill up with bookings quickly. Having said that, sometimes a cancellation will free up a space and we may be able to fit in a last minute booking.

8. Can I help with the move?

You are more than welcome to assist with the move in order to speed things up and ultimately save money. However, we do recommend that you follow instruction from our movers as they have thorough knowledge of how to best fit your furniture in our trucks (it can be a little like Tetris at times!).

10. Can I buy packaging materials form you?

Yes we offer a comprehensive range of packaging materials and plans to suit most peoples needs. On top of this we can also provide the staff to complete the packing for you prior to your move.